Friday, December 17, 2010

Prinzhorn Dance School on DFA

I like Prinzhorn Dance School. They had some great singles off their first album, the glitchy gated guitar sound they get is great. It's the barest, sparsest pop... the Gang of Four and The Fall sound taken to it's extreme. The balls to create this minimal, it's almost acapella, or a poetry art project. I know that sounds like crap, but they pull it off. I won't be putting this on after a long day, this is in the challenging pile of work that sends me back through those previous bands looking for some explanation of how this works and where they could be possibly be coming from. Chanted lyrics, like Bauhaus (the art style), there's so little there, it's great, and a little bit creepy because it's so extreme on that side of the spectrum.

Like I tried to make this review.

That's my excuse for today.

Get it from DFA direct or any of the usual mailorder places...
PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL - Seed, Crop, Harvest - DFA - DFA2255 - 7" - $ 9.25
***PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL announce their return with new single, "Seed, Crop, Harvest." We haven't heard a thing from TOBIN PRINZ and SUZI HORN for three years (their debut LP was released on DFA back in 2007) but they've been far from work-shy. They toured extensively, then came home and built their own bespoke recording studio (The Red Shed)--and learned how to use it. Time consuming endeavors which saw them drop off the music radar. Which might just explain the title of the equally charged B-side "Off The Radar, Off The System."

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