Friday, January 28, 2011

Pujol on Evil Weevil Records

I heard about Steven Tyler bitching to Letterman about American Idol, which he judging of course, that bands and musicians will only be successful if they work their way up, tour all over the country, and pay their dues before taking the whole thing to another level. Of course he's right, and any band I've ever listened to and enjoyed is probably doing that right now. Music is the tiniest bit about technical skill, singing or otherwise.
I guess I was thinking about that listening to Pujol's first single from 3rd Man I got a little while back. It's easy to hear the time and shows behind these couple of tracks already, you can only get to this punchy garage place from just busting ass on a stage over and over. You can hear this insane energy coming through even in a studio situation which isn't easy. Bands can easily be great live, and then the details get in the way, and those performances are lost on the record... Jay, Cheap Time, Ty Segall and Pujol don't have that problem.
So it's no surprise 3rd Man then put out a live 12", that's where he's most's a no brainer, but then Turbo Time Records had to go and press at least 3(?) different singles from Daniel and Darren at VOS pointed out yet another one just announced from Evil Weevil Records. One of the tracks 'How High' was just added to his myspace and has his trademark layered rough vocals and raw guitar as catchy as ever. The pace of these singles is almost on tempo with the tracks themselves, but when everything is this spontaneous and instinctive as this, it deserves to end up on a classic 45.

The yellow vinyl on Evil is already out at the source, but look for some on tour.

Also...Monday I have big news about a 7" pre-order from an unnamed label, stay signed into paypal and have your fingers hovering over the 'pay now' button if you have to have all things Pujol.

Evil Weevil says:

Daniel Pujol and company call Nashville home. This a 2 song single that will be on their debut LP on Infinity Cat Records called "XFILES ON MAIN ST" due out later this year. Daniel with the help of friends Ben Todd(So Jazzy) and Wes (Natural Child THE BEST BAND IN AMERICA) produce 2 equally catchy tracks of punky pop garage music.

He's released records with Third Man Records, Infinity Cat, and Turbo Time, before years end he will have the world record of most amount of records released by a human. I just made that up but is there really a way to prove me wrong?

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