Monday, January 31, 2011

Pujol Preorder on Velocity of Sound Records

I'll admit it, I knew about this one for a little while and actually was afraid I was hinting at it a little too obviously, but Velocity of Sound has officially given the OK for preorders for this new Pujol 45. They really weren't kidding about him releasing the most singles this year.
Why not? 2009 was year of the Segall, and I still can't get enough of that screeching punk pop distortion, same goes for Useless Eaters, when you've opened the floodgates like this, it's all coming out, get it pressed already.


"ANGELBABY", from the up coming Infinity Cat release, "X File On Main St.", takes a super gritty, blues direction to the garage. It starts off with what sounds like a live excerpt from a show, talking on the mic before Pujol hijacks a bassline stripped out of an old funk 45. There's a lot of soul to his mini breakdown, James Brown style. Whispering - 'Just wash my feet'. If you listen closely is he actually saying 'spread your legs' instead of wings? Is there a definitive answer in the gutter of the vinyl to shed some light on this homophonic dilemma? Well, sort of.
I just realized this track is just a bassline and kick ass percussion groove, an attack of handclaps, tambourine... metal slaps. It's just minimal and you have to not only have a presence and confidence but talent to will a song out of nothing like this.
What has he done to this raw place on a handful of singles? How is he getting this authentic? Whatever the history, Pujol is dusting off some old things that still work, and calling them better than new.
There's a babies crying or laughing recording that subtly works in behind the layers of backup vocals as the song starts to trail off. It's a bizarre arrangement for classic rock-blues and it's impressively simple to bring them together, but then that's the whole trick.

The tight, wet reverb (that's totally inappropriate, blame Pujol) on 'OVER THE COUNTER CULTURE JAM' is taking his sound over to the West Coast for a side, or does this one owe more to that Southern Blue Moon of Kentucky picking? You wouldn't know this otherwise as Pujol, the recording itself is a raw garage sound, and it's exclusive to the VOS single. It's a little window into his process, the kind of artifact that's only going to exist on this B-side. Was this destined to never end up officially released until now? Are there pieces of this in extended tracks on X-File...? Did they lose the vocal track?

These two sleeves will also keep you guessing. Is that Pujol surfing on the top of that van above? Or is Pujol on the Evil Weevil sleeve? Then, who is that other guy? What were they doing on top of a van? Is that pizza? And what is a black and white swirl vinyl going to look like? Is that code for grey?

Go try to get some answers from Velocity of Sound....or at least the single.

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