Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Balkans - Edita V on Double Phantom records

Woody the bassist from the Balkans emailed me about another single Double Phantom Records put out from these guys and is available for comes out officially in a few days and they've definitely been developing their sound over the past year or so since their first handmade 7" - they're getting more experimental and taking chances with complex instrumentation combining it with their loose indie punk rock beginnings.

Edita V,on the A-Side takes you right into the already droning looped bass distortion, a foundation for a spazzy electronic sounding beat...that's certainly a new direction for these guys, but the layers of indie jangle guitars from Frankie and Brett still have this great back and forth interchanging rhythm happening, Frankie starts this intricate lead part, a complex, high, picked melody while Brett meanwhile is coming up with these great supporting changes, picking up that lead and making it his own when Frankie gets into the jagged bursts of strumming.
This one also reminds me of the energy of The Walkmen's "Rat", Frankie has that gravely, hoarse straining delivery and the whole tempo on this is frantic. They really manage to balance this tight, punchy pop full of tension and a loose punk attitude. Really great A-Side... they've been hard at work.

Cave on the B-Side
There's a little reverby surf sound on this one, a tambourine makes an appearance, with the band backup oooo's. This one could be related to the Gray Goods in it's easy minimalist stylings, an effortless catchy sunny track, with a strong melodic Real Estate vibe, and a hit off Wavves for good measure. Pure indie rock good times, two solid tracks that have The Balkans working out some new directions, pushing those melodies around and making room for the off beat, the complex guitar lines and an accident or two.

Available domestically from Double Phantom or overseas from the good folks at PureGrove.

Check out this live performance of Edita V from and IndieATL session if you haven't paypal'd already.

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