Friday, February 18, 2011

Two massive 7" offerings - Thank you vinyl gods. Thank you.

Here's two 7" singles collections that look pretty amazing, haven't heard either of them yet, but in case you missed these, get ready for a big paypal hit.

Poking around yesterday led me to this label, Noyes Records out of Halifax, NS, and their subscription series, being kicked off by freaking DOG DAY. I have pages and pages somewhere rambling on about their first album, which I have to put together someday, and after seeing them at the Cakeshop, they are one of my all time favorite super indie rock bands, up there with The Organ, Love of Diagrams...oh the mix tapes I could make.
Of course I want to hear what Dog Day is up to these days, and $40 is really'll definitely be hearing more about the label and this series as I get into reviewing these.
Get this one from Noyes Records.

Noyes Records is releasing eight 7" singles over the next 10 months as part of our new Singles Series. Each record will be by a different artist and each record will be pressed as follows:

100 on color vinyl
200 on black vinyl

The colour vinyl will be only available through us as part of a subscription series (ensuring you get all 8 records). The black vinyl will also be available as a subscription (for the completists), but will also be available through limited distro channels and on merch tables across the planet. Each record will come with a download code for your digital needs.

Subscriptions cost $40 + shipping (free for Halifax, more for everywhere else) for the 8 months*. You'll get the records plus other goodies like pins and posters. You will also receive a promotional code which gives you 25% off the Noyes store for the duration of the series. The promotional code is good for everything that we have in stock with the exception of the series itself.

The above artwork is for the first single in the series.

NRSS-001 - DOG DAY - "Scratches" b/w "Belle" and "Give Me Light". Purple vinyl. Starts shipping late March.

Upcoming: Cousins, Duzheknew, Play Guitar, Doug Mason, Cold Warps, Homo Duplex, and We Need Secrets.

I was just thinking about Jay the other day, thanks to this amazing piece by Andrew Earles about the late bad ass genius, and looking over a Dischord email, which by this point I pretty much have everything I could want from those guys...thanks to them keeping everything in print, and my late night drunken ability to still be able to click a mouse convinced I have to have this or that on vinyl.
I saw Ian in this documentary about DIY, the Pelly Twins talked about the other day and I don't ever mind my hard earned bucks going to completing my Dischord collection. He was such a great guy to lend an interview to the project...pretty much every hardcore, punk doc....He was even in the Mission of Burma doc...he genuinely always seemed like a good guy trying to help everyone out with whatever he could outside of any kind of corporate machine....Yea!
Anyway, he's awesome, completely aside from Fugazi and I don't need an excuse to come up with something else I 'need' to have on vinyl, but then they had to go and put out this 2x7" comp with Jay on it.
Not sure if this will remain in print forever, but I have to hear it immediately anyway. New Jay is essential.
Thanks Dischord.

1. Jay Reatard - Venom Victims Wine
2. Tractor Sex Fatality - Judas Order
3. Vilent Lovers Club - Phone Call from a Corpse
4. The Mistreaters - Cannibal Lust
5. The Radio Beats - Brasshead Smash
6. Trailer Park Tornados - Within These Walls

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  1. thank you so much! can't wait for your reviews.