Friday, April 15, 2011

Jeff Novak Solo EP on Trouble in Mind

New solo work from Jeff Novak on Trouble in Mind know I think I've been battling with TIM's packaging direction for a release myself, on one hand the generic sleeve keeps prices down, the singles are only $5 after all,you can spend the money to put more great artists out into the world, maybe put it into booking studio time.... but then you're basically left with a record in a white paper sleeve...and that's punk rock and everything....I just know I'm always into color vinyl and handmade prints and stuff, but maybe that's wrong? Getting caught up in all that ancillary crap when it should always be about the music...of course you love this object of course, but the single is about turning around new music, the latest and experimental tracks from an artist you've been completely into. I respect this approach, but I'll always get caught up in paper stock and inks and stencils, hanging sleeves from clotheslines in the kitchen to dry.
But if you're looking from new music from one of glam garage's best, then TIM has answered your prayers to the glitter gods with this 4 track EP. The single always feels like home for Jeff, I can only absorb this stuff in small doses, an entire album is overload, it's almost overwhelming...I think I still haven't listened to 'Fantastic Explanations...' nearly enough, or as many times as I have the singles, 'Woodland Drive' was the perfect, complex, catchy 3 minutes, that deserves the sort of careful study that a single forces you to consider.
The one preview track off his latest, 'Back at the Bottom' has Jeff getting this insane harpsichord feel out of an electric guitar melody which gets echo'd the nect time it comes around on piano. Complex delicate sounding riffs that he keeps on the wrong side of the tracks. The natural talent is ridiculous, an insane multi-intrumentalist who balances a history of garage and punk against a glam Bowie oddity era, hitting the best of both. You can't pin him to either...and every live show meets expectations. I hope Jeff is around a long time.

Kind Turkey has a great recent interview over here.

Nothing is going to replace Jay, but Jeff is doing a pretty good job of not making me think about it too much.

TIM025: Jeffrey Novak 4-song Solo EP
The second installment in our brand new SOLO SERIES! Jeffrey Novak is one busy dude. Since his teen years, he's been writing, recording & releasing music as a one-man band, with his groups the Rat Traps & Cheap Time, and under his own name as a solo artist. We've always thought Jeffrey was one talented fella, so we're pleased as punch to be releasing this 4-songer! Culled from sessions that were to be his third solo album (the second due out in April 2011 on In The Red), this EP finds Novak sharpening his focus, exploring & expanding on territories he touched on in his first self-released solo outing 'After The Ball' - Kinks-ian maudlin, John Cale-ish ballads, & the glammy flourishes that peppered Eno's first couple of solo records all mixed into four songs of regret, loss, & disappointment. The first press of this EP comes on randomly mixed vinyl, is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.

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