Monday, April 18, 2011

Natural Child & Liquor Store - Bruar Falls 4-17-11

Caught these two at Bruar Falls last night, after missing Liquor Store opening for Ty Segall at DBA and then getting a hold of that great single from Almost Ready records, I had to see this live. The 7" just hinted at their live show, the raw riffs, the blown out kick and bass, hilarious vocals, they delivered on that manic energy and then some. There are some bands that are such a good time live, they pick up fans and word spreads. Liquor Store is one of those bands.

But first up was Natural Child from Nashville, now...that part of the country better start sharing, because it's starting to look a little ridiculous....a little mean to everyone else. I just want to point out Brooklyn has some great bands the way. We're all getting jealous, get ready for it. You get: cheap places, and a super music scene, cheap beer, cheap see where this is going? I could probably live off 7Inches, instead of working for the man! Great, I get the concrete jungle and every other jerk trying to get something going.
Nashville also seems to be inspiring/nurturing this garage punk sound in all forms...I really don't know how much it has to do with the geography, but this stripped down, back to straight up rock sound, subtly taken in different directions, dirty blues or glam is just being done so well, thanks to Seth Sutton and Jeff Novak. The record stores down there have to be out of control.

They had serious pedigree before walking into Bruar Falls, but then they had to go and sing about smoking crack with their friends, listening to the dark side of the moon on the dark side of the moon, and my favorite, I don't want to fuck you, but I have to (because basically she has his keys or something). I finally watched 'End of the Century' a Ramones doc just that afternoon and was making all kinds of comparisons. In attitude, in delivery, in writing about what they sincerely know, and how great that can be. The straight line from that Queens wall of noise punk, filtered through a smooth southern filter. Take that speed freak edge off a little, slow it down with that cough syrup sludge and then steal cars and sniff glue. I love when you know nothing about a band like this how they can crack me up with the balls on these songs.

Then Liquor Store brought that Trash Sandwich, classic brat sound at massive volume, Sarim was trading off vocals with the guitarist for different songs, which I didn't realize they were doing from that 7", you just see a really a cohesive group, having a legitimately great time.
In End of the Century, Joe Strummer was talking about 'the kids' bands nowadays, (which by the way, avoid at all costs in a music documentary) and how they seem to be too relaxed on stage, too much like they don't care...that The Clash learned from the Ramones how to put on a show, how to get people's attention. Liquor Store isn't that military machine...and it might hurt them in the end when it comes to the business bullshit it takes to make a living at it, but you know it's an honest show, they probably have a better than average time for hours in a van on the road for instance. They're easily a band to get behind for those of us seriously untalented masses, who want to rock like this, without all the bullshit.

Any drummer that can play and duck cans of beer at the same time like this, hold on to that one, he's a keeper. American man is simultaneously a punk anti-anthem, and serious commentary.
Natural Child was singing along, arm in arm, beers in hand, Liquor Store is a working class garage punk band that maybe doesn't want to make it to MTV4, they aren't out there emailing press releases, they just play solid awesomely funny rock.

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