Friday, July 15, 2011

Terrible Feelings on Sabotage/Lack of Sleep Records

Impending Doom are a 4 piece from Sweden who sent me their latest, a split label release from Sabotage / Lack of Sleep Records.
I was expecting from that cover that I was in for a Zola Jesus type situation, that headlamp black and white photo, combined with the name Terrible Feelings and the title of this single "Impending Doom" might have had something to do with it.
If that weren't enough the high contrast xeroxed inside lyric sheet with an upside down cross and black and white menacing band photo got me thinking I was headed for another Blessure Grave combination.
This A-side track "Impending Doom" is actually this is the exact opposite, these punchy jagged guitar chords and tempo are headed towards a Franz Ferdinand reincarnation (When's the last time you heard that reference? - ed) and Manuela pictured on the front of the sleeve is an extremely capable unique vocalist, reminding me of that metal leaning, powerful female vocal of any of the Runaways, Lita Ford, Joan Jett, a big, yelling amount of control direction.
All of the melody is brought on by this power indie, guitar pop. A sort of new wave/ Bloc Party sound, it's straight ahead clean rock. The curious part is vocals like:
To my unborn child / there is nothing to enjoy in life
Is this a party pop subgenre of norweigan black metal? Only if you could understand what those guys were saying. This is a pretty bleak view for the uptempo rock sounds going on here. I guess we're used to this level of morose coming through in the tempo and instrumental delivery.
"Death to Everyone" on the B-Side is not a Will Oldham cover, it's got more of that contrasting jangly dance guitar sound and bleak vocals:
It's not my fault everyone is going to die
Again you have to imagine this delivered at frantic pop pace, the ultra angst delivered like '80s era political dogma:
leave me alone
I never wanted to compete with others
what's the point of anything today?
Literally those are the un-poetic straight ahead know exactly what they're getting at, it's just usually more hidden among the metaphors or dense cryptic descriptions. To hear this alienation in these terms with this spin is unusual to say the least.
They are attempting to get at these raw emotions on that uncensored level with a slight of hand, a trick almost to get the listener on board and then sink the ship.
Is anyone going to left for the next one?

Check it out Maximum Rock and Roll, they loved it, you can pick it up from Sabotage Records overseas or email the band directly.

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