Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diarrhea Planet on Infinity Cat

Just found out about this single from Diarrhea Planet today from Infinity Cat Records, looks like it's part of their "Econoline series", this being the second release. Like an old crappy touring van, Diarrhea Planet is rolling into town with 3 new tracks on this one.
Of course they are from Nashville...which is just an out of control epicenter of bands and labels.
I think Ryan brought this band to my attention originally knowing how much I love crazy band names...but they are so much more than just a back of the school bus insult. The visual that comes to mind is priceless...a planet of diarrhea? Steer clear.
They remind me of seeing Natural Child, another artist on Infinity Cat's roster, who similarly rocked the hell out of Bruar Falls, with punk rock garage energy, catchy and reckless takes a lot for a band to win you over cold like that. They were having a great time and took the crowd along for the ride. Diarrhea Planet is also going to make that wet river of rock come out all at once. You feel drained, but in the end it's for the best, you are going to heal...drink a lot of water, or electrolytes. Pediasure.

I'm still listening to ALOHA!, these slop rock anthems never seem to get old and I can turn to them at any time to sing out loud quietly at my desk...'partied the shit out of myself'. Have fun, let's make a plan to not always listen to serious music ok guys?

The series and this single is strictly limited to 350 copies.

I also learned it's very hard to spell diarrhea, I have to sound it out in my head and that cracks me up.
I like small records.
I am five.


  1. "Aloha" rulz hard! I'm really looking forward to this new one.

  2. radDUDEford3:10 AM

    favorite nashville band? yeah.

  3. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Great band name, but they probably also SOUND like Diarrhea.