Thursday, August 11, 2011

Acro-brats - Hair Trigger on Susspool Records

It's no wonder the Boston area has been a breeding group of it's own special niche of hardcore/punk D.C., the area seemed to put it's own spin on the genre, being just out of the way for west coast bands to contaminate the sound. Mix in a group of dudes who are tough as hell and you end up with a thriving, insular least that's the way I see it. This might not have anything to do with the Acro-brats beginnings or current sound, but after reading 'Get in the Van', I admire any band that has a sadomasochist streak playing for audiences that want to kick the shit out of them.
I guess you have to take that as a compliment, to not only survive in that kind of scene but have the success these guys have had, with tracks on all of the Rock Band games that have been out, but after almost 10 years they must have outlived more than a few venues and scenes.

So this single came in thanks to Chris, lead vocals and guitar, and they somehow...(yea right, of course!) manage to pack 4 songs on this 45rpm EP. "Hair Trigger", the title track, has all the production going for it in the world, it's expertly captured and mixed, and this is what probably leads some reviewers to place them in the glam punk, or pop punk categories, but for me this is just classic Boston hardcore, recorded and played really, really well. But don't hold that against them, they know what they're doing, huge repeating chords, frantic speeds, call and response choruses and Chris' raspy delivery.
On "Well Enough Alone", they have this punchy sound wrapped up, and I get the pop-punk comparisons now, they keep amping things up, moving away from getting to preachy or political, these are the everyday, close to home problems, rocked out with a party atmosphere. A dirty, back of the bar party, but still a celebration because, let's face it, life sucks sometimes.

"Simpleton" on the B-Side is almost dangerously close to a heavier pure rock sound, more seriously melodic, with long guitar solo's and even a backup "whoa oh oh's", but Chris keeps the aggressive edge on this one with that spitting vocal.
Finally, like any good set list saves the fastest for last, "Crave" borders on pure angry speed, near metal riffs and machine fills. But as much as they're all tracks railing against society, assholes, and institutions they definitely respect their listeners with this crafted sound and The Acro-brats have to be a force to be reckoned with live.
Glossy thick cardstock sleeve with a spine, heavyweight vinyl and download card included with an extra track.

Get it from interpunk distro, or contact them direct at theacrobrats(at)

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