Friday, August 12, 2011

Real Numbers on Floridas Dying Records

Today I pulled out another single from the stack of releases from Floridas Dying, this one from Real Numbers out of Minneapolis, from this interview from Gimmie Noise, it sounds like these guys have all honed their chops in a bunch of other projects before this one recently evolved out of the member swapping.

Real Numbers sounds like early English post punk, the minimalism of Gang of Four, the catchy simplified jolt rock of The Wire, all combined with a modern punk mix that's entirely their own and difficult to pin down, similar to The Art Museums.

From the second the needle started spiraling on the A-Side and the clean, simple bassline groove kicked in, I was into where this was going. No effects on that crystal clear sound. A crunchy, tinny distorted guitar is played with sweeping, drawn out chords. Eli Hansen on vocals has...and I keep having to look up where they're from again...a slight English lean to his accent...or maybe that's the MN peering through, which is basically Norwegian right? It's a scratchy, raw, young sound that doesn't matter you have trouble deciphering lyrically. Either way, the three piece is after composing a terrifically concise and unique post punk track, the stripped down, back to basics results of even a Jeff Novak, or Ty Segall, taking that blues sound back a few hundred years. It's just slightly rough around the edges, raw effort they probably wrote in a day, and you can hear the great future for these guys.

It doesn't end on the B-Side either, they weren't covering something, or making an inside joke, "Pinckney St", has all of those elements back, and Eli this time is even a little out of key, enthusiastically managing to make it sincere. They've got a straight ahead unpretentiousness of The Soft Pack, the thin fragile capture of the sound, adding to their charm. Anything from Big Lizard in my Backyard could almost end up played next to this. I'm imagining these guys opening for The German Measles or Nodzzz, one of those bands that are really easy to like, listening doesn't have to be a fight, they have a relaxed pop sensibility that I hope translates into staying together for a while and people catching on and picking this one up.

Check out the A-Side, "Tear it in Two" at their bandcamp page, and this one is on Floridas Dying Records:
[FDR-35] Following the release of one of the best 12"s of last year, Real Numbers is back with more U.K. DIY style pop via Minneapolis. "Tear It In Two" is their best track yet. Driven by one of the catchiest bouncy bass lines, and a guitar tone that can only be likened to play a chain link fence, this song is a modern pop classic. Limited edition version comes on yellow vinyl with silk screened cover. Limit of one per customer.
They also have another single and a 6 song EP, full length on their own Three Dimensional Records.

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