Friday, September 2, 2011

Charles Albright on Permanent Records

This is the third single from Charles Albright, who's played in numerous Sacramento area projects until striking out on his own for a couple of early singles, I'm sorry I missed and delivering this latest on Permanent Records.
The A-Side "Weight" has a thin sounding, a couple of tracks bounced down distance, distorted riff with Charles just belting out a layered vocal. A home recorded fizzy garage unpolished wailing. Out there, pretty naked and ending up in a more measured, concise Ty Segall. A little bit more of the punk instead of dirty bending blues. A faux-pause sets up a squealing scummy buried solo and then abruptly cuts out. I can't put this voice together with the nice looking philosopher dude staring back...but I guess that's him, letting loose in a less is more way.
The B-Side, "I am a counter culture (Drop Out)" gets things partying with a couple of interweaving layers of pure distortion from those compressed, direct line in guitars. Phasers, grind metal, octave doublers...who knows what's going on here. Listen to Useless Eaters? How can just distorting a signal have so many distinct voices? He's got one, when you find that distortion right on the edge of feedback, where you can hardly even nudge the thing or it starts wailing, then you've got a Charles sound. There's some blues in this one, a little groovy solo that Definitely has nothing to do with psyche and more with experimental noise, a Cheap Time metal machine music by the end, those drugs are really coming front and center obscuring the harmony 'Drop Out!' backup vocal. Talk me down man, this one is going to be rough.
Do it again.

Not many left, get it direct from Permanent Records in Chicago, full length coming I think from Permanent in a couple of months.

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