Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Sleaze on Total Punk Records

This latest single from The Sleaze is on the Floridas Dying's Total Punk label, and nothing says total punk like these giant rubberstamped sleeves, I didn't know they made them that big, either that or they carved them out of pizza boxes from the Dominos dumpster. Press the record, put it in a sleeve and stamp it, send it out. The Sleaze would want it that way. These guys are from Minneapolis and have the right kind of attitude and lack of low end.

The A-Side track, "Called you once" has this unbelievably paper thin sound, absolutely every trace of bass has been obliterated by the high end hiss of 14K. What kind of microphone could have captured this? How much is it at radio shack? The snare is like slapping wet plastic shopping bags. Snotty vocals about calling a lady friend on the phone, and leaving a message, but not too many, and why isn't she calling back, what's the point of this? Of course you write this totally nuts scuzzy punk song about the issue. Single note melodies, beating the hell out of that drum kit, cramming a lot of pop into the punk garage, which is already full of shitty equipment. Personal and the Pizzas probably put this single on to get hyped up. Fast, cheap and out of control.
The B-side, "Retro sexy in Blue" has those tin can drums leading us off with a slower groove, the guitar gets a minimal, with this post-punk (wha?) cool melody. They're getting a little bit sexy here, or should I say sleazy, some deep vocals way out in front, a little crunch to them. Nodzzz has a baby with the Stooges. They got a divorce immediately. Sort of laid back on this one, dueling thin rhythm guitars, but it builds to a spazzy feedback finish.
Two different sides of a low budget nightmare. The best kind.

Rich says we can thank Scion for all garage punk rock.
I'm looking at Florida in a new way.
It's warm down there right?
The whole year?

Get this one from Floridas Dying, I hear these are going fast.
[TPR-03] Minneapolis's shittiest sons are back to deliver more of their wisdom to an indifferent public. When they aren't smokin fuckin cigs, or doing pcp, their blowin up the phones of unimpressed teenage girls. "Called You Once" is a snotty start stop punker that's sure to be a "hit in the pit!" The B side is "Retro Sexy Blue" a slow punk burner that shows they've got something else brewing under the surface. I can almost hear their pimples popping.

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