Monday, September 5, 2011

Flesh Vehicle preorder on Velocity of Sound Records

Got a real holiday special for everybody: my partner in crime, Darren at Velocity of Sound on that Super Vacations / Ceiling Stares split single has gone and pressed another 7 inch already! Before the stampers were even cold, he was making the final arrangements on this one - turns out he has some connection to a member in the classic indie band, Superdrag, and they hatched this collaboration, pressing a single for his project, Flesh Vehicle. The Nashville trio features members, Jeremy Asbrock The Shazam, Steve Latination of Agent Orange on Drums and Tom Pappas from Superdrag, who are offering up a preorder of 4 tracks at 33 1/3 on this day of labor, 2011.

"What it is", first up on this EP, has that layered guitar indie rock feel, fat power chords and even gets a little sinister sounding sabbath hint at evil minor chords. Alternating between that power garage pop and classic metal. They've been keeping it pretty tame and catchy until the whole thing completely blows up with a scream, bass solos and cymbals shattering rumbling like Dead Meadow, in a psyche-metal meltdown..
"Fraud", has a hint of a country sounding bass groove with Tom's up front, bluesy vocal style, and the guitar injecting little bursts of rhythm, classy indie and classic rock at the same time, a stompy barnburner.
The B-Side, sorry, Omega Side, (nice) starts out with "Set free" and we cut right into Tom saying this is the third take of this one, I'm starting to hear more of a pop psyche sound in this one, sort of a catchy Hawkwind. There's a little of that classic, almost Ozzy vocals, their layered, just barely off harmonized in that prog rock epic way. This leads to a breakdown with backup ahh's and the slow reintroduction of the bass and guitar to rock out!
"Affluenza", goes a sort of blues direction again, combined this time with a reinterpretation of a classic '50s garage feel, deliberate windmill guitar strums giving way to the caveman tom rhythm and a chucka, chucka distortion. These are hard to pin down to any sort of specific genre, and would not disappoint any fan of these three artists.

Darren is also running a cool bonus, out of all the preorders for the single one person will get a signed test think that crazy black and white split vinyl would be cool enough, but he raises the bar. Not too shabby, 7 bucks plus shipping for the split color or 5.49 for black.

Look, your family is pretty upset you killed the dog. Redeem yourself by winning a Flesh Vehicle Autographed Test Pressing!! One lucky pre-order will be randomly selected. Order by 9/13/2011.

This pressing of 500 includes fifty ultra-rare black and white split color vinyl. These go fast so be sure to order quickly. Limit 1 blw/wht per customer.

Exclusive hollywood insider photos from United! First time ever, black and white vinyl together! Genius!

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