Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Midnite Snaxxx on Total Punk Records

Got another one from the Floridas Dying offshoot label, Total Punk Records. You can't miss this giant red rubber stamp art sleeve showing the Snaxxx harassing the burger waiter with their punk rock ways. You've come a long way baby. Midnite Snaxxx are a trio from that Oakland, CA area spawning all kinds of great contemporary punk combinations like Shannon and the Clams.
In A-Side's "A guy like that", it's always hard to not hear the Ramones in every pop punk rapid fire track with that sweet harmony, but they've definitely captured that similar big layered guitar sound. All the snaxxx are contributing vocally in this track to that guy they just can't stop thinking about, together, over each other, in between the chorus...it adds to that loud party rock feel. They're in this together, with no lead singer dammit.
"Jackie" on the B-Side continues the seven inch historic tradition of offering two punchy all too brief tracks that force you to get off your ass and spin over and over. The drums are really pounding on this one, kick drum and cymbal on every beat with the nite snaxxx keeping up with as fast of a trio vocal. Like Personal and the Pizzas, Nobunny or Hunx, Midnite Snaxx has a knack for getting right to the punk point in a massive racket of power chord changes with a menacing bad ass attitude. You are going to be the burger waiter guy, get used to it.

Order it from Total Punk, black vinyl (duh) printed white sleeve. Insert with mail in coupon for giant badge. I think I'm going to have to get one of those. The internet has really spoiled the days of sending 'well concealed' cash in an envelope and waiting months to get a single before the company folded....on second thought...

[TPR-02] Total Punk is proud to bring these Bay Area broads (members of the Bobbyteens, Trashwomen, and Loudmouths) into the family. I met the Snaxxx in Atlanta and they manhandled me, picked me up, and treated me like a submarine sandwich; then tried to force me into a strip club to watch them yell at strippers. These two short blast of tough edged bubble gum punk may make them seem sweet, but beware these aren't those kind of snaxxx. This shit ain't cute its TOTAL PUNK!!!

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