Saturday, October 22, 2011

Justin Pearson - How to lose friends and irritate people on Soundscreen Design

Soundscreen Design is back with another pushing the limits package design, collaborating with original artists and then on this project in particular taking it one step further in making the tiny record itself more than just the usual seven inch.
Justin sounds like a maniac renaissance man, his myspace is full of so many remixes, side projects, spoken word and weird doesn't seem to ever be about what you think you're getting into, as going along with the fact this is going to be part of his epic ride.

So this collection of book/zines and flexi disks is just an extension of his usual practice. Sounds like the books are stories about fronting DJ duo acts in order to give them some kind of punk cred, and all the misadventures that inevitably come out of that touring mess. Sort of reminding me of that Slow Death comic single....listen to the band and read about the adventures...great idea. It's even like those read along books with a 45 I used to get as a kid about star trek or batman...very cool, and coming from soundscreen, these will be printed with the craziest standards.

Get this one from Soundscreen Design, publishers of the greatest book ever written: Touchable Sound


  1. A Saturday post?! It's my lucky day!

  2. Trying to catch up with the insane amount of stuff out there...