Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Slow Death on Silver Sprocket Records/Comics #1

My friend Liz, who actually designed a seven inch cover for a show we did, contributed to this massive comic/single from Silver Sprocket Records...she sent me a copy and I had to talk about what a cool idea this is, bringing comics and singles together.
I remember this AC/DC tribute double single featuring Shellac that came with a comic...which surprisingly is still in print over here. There's another one with Will Oldham that id definitely out of print. The label says there is a 12" bootleg of both of these put together on one 12"...and that is pretty nuts.
This is a great really cohesive look into The Slow Death through stories told to Daryl Gussin at the long running Razorcake (seven inches also connect the dots) and illustrated by Mitch Clem about personally catching them once in San Antonio. Put the clear blue vinyl record on and sit back in that patchy, cat hair filled courdurois easy chair and read about the bands adventures while listening to an EP of their stuff? The only thing that could make this better is one of those smell machines with a cartridge full of BO, Beer and broken dreams to complete the experience.

The Slow Death is punk pop in the style of clean, punchy layered guitars...shiny production, muted power chords, jumping up to the mic, bouncing back to power wrist crank out the punk...and you start to respect it all just a little bit more after reading about hellish road trip experiences to SXSW Does anyone have a good time there? I swear I've heard nothing but terrible things....I'm sure Austin is great, I want to see it someday, but no where near the time that festival is going on. I'm even debating CMJ this year, but enough side things happen outside the scope of the official events that seem to have some good I think in NYC you don't even really notice the influx of people, they're absorbed immediately into the mobs of NYC a lot better than Austin I'm guessing. Anyway it's not even an unusual story, you could talk to any band who's toured a few times and you'd get some variation on this story. It makes me snuggle even further down into the couch and have another sip of whiskey, thinking about being in the middle of nowhere like this. You start to appreciate your stupid little safe corner of the world a little more. These guys travel thousands of miles to endure a lot of abuse. I don't envy that...the bands that play at Death by Audio, the Cakeshop, Party Expo...they're getting there with a million stories like this right behind them. I won't get sick of it, and Mitch's equally crisp style...completely works with SD's optimistic pop punk. There's more stories, but you have to get this one yourself to check them out.
Is issue two coming? I'd love to see this happen with all kinds of bands...if this turned into a series I'd have to get every one. Impeccable package, super well designed an executed, they went all out on this printing and pressing. Get this one on (bad idea?) blue and white vinyl from Silver Sprocket Records with download code.

Liz's cover: (Super Matt and I flying together thanks to the power of Soccer Mom)

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