Monday, November 28, 2011

By the Sea on The Great Pop Supplement

Still getting caught up with reviews, and getting back to Brooklyn.... it's been a long while since I mentioned the Great Pop Supplement and their limited UK releases. They've been steadily pressing away, selling out of everything in their back catalog and were an early inspiration for trying to put some stuff out myself after hearing their early Washington Phillips single...completely eye opening. They have a long history of fostering singles all kinds of psyche artists, from MV&EE to Wooden Wand, and By The Sea have a similar hazy, reverb delivery, with a wet twang from a surf guitar and heavily echo'd tambourine shakes. There's almost a Real Estate laid back, heavy melody feel to "Waltz Away"...this sort of mellow falsetto harmony sort of reminds me of my first concert ever (well... that I would admit), The Ocean Blue at a local college many a fading memory this slow motion carving video of pipes and pools.

Dom is also planning a new offshoot label and you can:
email deepdistance(at) to receive info on some killer releases planned… (I should apologize to those who’ve done that already and are now reading this twice, mind you!) ….The first release will be ready in around 3 weeks, expect info on that email pretty soon…

Get this one from The Great Pop Supplement.
Next 45 up on the great pop supplement features the debut proper from wirral based by the sea, following the rapid fire selling out of their split 7 with london's the see see this summer.

both sides here 'waltz away' and 'stay where the sun is' point at a mighty songwriting pedigree, belying fully the bands' age and relative 'newcomer' status. put simply, this is classic pop. the a side to these ears owes as much to the west coast pop art experimental band as it does geographical counterparts the pale fountains or the stone roses. as the first chorus hits on 'waltz away', you almost hear the sun burst through the clouds bathing all in it's pristine glow- just a perfect pop moment.

produced by ex-coral guitarist bill ryder-jones and released in a numbered vinyl only edition of 300 in hammer press sleeves with an expected rapid fire sellout. the band are currently recording their debut lp amidst packed out, acclaimed live shows. get on it!

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