Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pink Films on Sans Escape Records

This one came in from Andy over at Sunsneeze Records, who in addition to being in San Francisco Water Cooler is a member of Pink Films, this one on a different label, Sans Escape who have only a myspace page. Pink Films is definitely in the same family as SFWC with that psychey garage haze, but on the A-Side track "Pay a Price" it feels like that all of that sound now comes with a lot of nervous new wave energy. The jangle guitar is a frantic, high fret melody, the vocals buried under a blown out distortion, the bassline is a bouncing support for the heavy melody rising out of this haze. Like the Fresh and Onlys there's an inherent drive towards a catchy pop sound with tambourines, being filtered into a loose overdriven filter. It comes on hot and heavy almost getting away from them and I imagine a loose German Measles type of nonchalance except these guys have had a lot of freaking coffee. Punchy changes don't derail this energy, just enough force for a overwhelming brief ruckus.
The B-Side, "Wrong Direction", starts out with a clear loose warm electric, this one really following the classic sound which I imagine is heavily rooted in the foggy city. Organ, standard time tambourine, definitely more laid back on this side, getting way into that psyche stream fed by that panic'd strumming. They let up for a second so that electric melody can come forward and launch back through their hazy harmony. Halfway in the garage during the haight-ashbury days, they've nailed this sound...I want to hear it alongside White Fence and the 13th Floor Elevators.

Collage art sleeve on crystal clear vinyl from Sans Escape Records... you're best bet would be to get a hold of these guys on their facebook direct and send them a message there to pick this one up.

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