Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Happy Death self released 7" EP

This 4 piece based out of Portland by way of NYC, where this single was recorded, sent this in to 7inches HQ, along with a typewritten press release on a honest to god typewriter...something of a clue to this nostalgic heavy reverb spring echo that comes off on the first track, "Nazi Zombies", the single note surf melody is tight, the lead vocal has that cave echo to it, a bouncy Cramps feel with a garage loose execution. I mean I guess Nazi Zombies is a pretty big clue, but instead of the dark creepy vocal, Ryan is yelling himself hoarse which steers this in a weird cap'n jazz direction. "Mr. Rutter" is a slow dance disco ball throwback number, but like Hunx, if you listen close he's talking about this gentleman who happens to be a transsexual and hides his life working at the factory. A smooth organ drones happily away along to those big strum reverb chords vibrating. Ryan eventually losses it big time in sympathy with this sad bastard while the backup singers oooo and ahhh. Wounded Lion wouldn't be a stretch either.
The B-Side kicks it off with a anti-autobiographical (?) track "Surf Rock Band", which now that I'm hearing it is really big time rock under a haze of delay and lyrically they're picking apart the pathetic existence of said band. Big loose chords about too many drugs and touring, just pausing during the chorus to let Ryan in a falsetto give it to these guys one more time.
"Ghost House" continues the huge rock sound they've been building up on this side with a creepy hockey rink organ, more heavy riffage to cymbal crashes. They've steered way away from the gimmick B-movie sound and instead make this one a pure raw trash rock song, panning the wah pedal right before more head bashing. A trippy garage rock EP from one of my favorite cities...has everyone moved there yet? I bet they aren't going to miss the snow. Start staring at that sleeve before you drop out.

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