Friday, December 16, 2011

Batwings Catwings - Radio on Gravy Records

Gravy HQ are the guys who put out that awesome Divorce single and they recently sent in this new one from LA based Batwings Catwings, which sounds to be something of a revisit of the rock punk synth movement from a few years back only expanded into a couple of towering mammoth-rock tracks.

"Radio" starts out with a minimal repetitive synth note with Dana coming in under a heavy layer of echo, powering out verses about the radio...which is a popular subject for catchy songs (*See Elvis Costello). When she's on the top of that cliff belting out, "I wanna listen to the radio!" I have to think she's talking about the idea that you can find anyone's great 'radio' station thanks to the internet, but actually tuning in a dial to someone playing records? I don't believe it even happens anymore and this isn't the thing she's talking about. It might just be NYC radio blows (except of course WFMU and WNYU) let's hope it's getting a second wind and beaten down by programmers and advertisers, maybe the only DJ's left will be doing it for the right reasons, and making those connections between Or the radio is actually pretty good in LA, which I'm sure is what she's talking about. After Dana gets you with this modest, low key opening there's a severe split in the single and this blows up super studio style, shiny guitars, booming drums, it's a little jarring...they're going for that big ass smash hit and they're definitely getting it...without a second to prepare yourself.

The B-Side "Early Exit" is a more of the full on rock attack from the beginning this time with a lot more keys of analog melodies, like some kind of x-games soundtrack version of Crystal Castles, or even the super pop of something like Bloc Party, a ridiculously over the top sound that's the furthest thing away from a garage, ultra compressed for maximum volume. (It says so on the center label). It's a heavy layered sound on the anthemic arena side, the bass slightly more distorted and defining a melody for that chorus wind machine effect on 11.

As always go check out their bandcamp page and decide yourself..this on is available from the Gravy

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