Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Buffalo Bangers on Private Leisure Industries

This one came in from Private Leisure Industries, who put out that Brian Lewis Saunders' bedbugs full length spoken word album. You aren't going to find anything even close to that release on any other label, and this single from Buffalo Bangers is just as unique. Private Leisure is quickly standing out with some truly original releases.

The A-Side, "Blockader" has a slow, deliberate attitude, that raw, stripped down electric over a simple beat, plenty of room to breathe, the sound of the silence as much a part of the composition... it's Lindsey Elcessor that's the standout element pushing this simultaneously into a goth place alongside that minimal post-punk place. It's as much informed by the cold nu wave of Pylon as it is the dark themes of Siouxsie Sioux. The minimal grooves of post rock get me every time, maybe because they're so accessible...if they're doing it, why can't I?... but her delivery and vocal is definitely anything but. In contemporary music I'd compare her to Zola Jesus, just being such a unique singular talent, an artist who is approaching the tracks with a complete vision with a willingness to go more experimental. There's no hesitation in switching from a deliberate quieter monotone vocal to breaking vocal.

Like Cosey from Throbbing Gristle, Lindsey's exploring a similar psychic territory, with a Georgian slant. Like Benjamin Smoke, who would have only been able to evolve in that environment, the darker southern elements, combining in that swamp, the unfamiliar specific creepiness from that part of the world. She's doing some great things with her voice, a croaking 'ahhhhhh' vocal, it's the way she's completely giving in to her instrument that I appreciate. If it's going to be a great contrast to go from that to a trained vibrato then that's where this track is going. There's no pressure to pretty it up.

The B-Side, "Granite Grandma" has a chorus-y, Cure guitar melody and a chanting vocal this time from Lindsey...when you are honestly able to pull this homage off, it's remarkable. Getting to that same place is just as interesting now as it was then. It is crazy to even try, but they're coming together with the right feel. She's obviously talented right out of the gate... a serious vocal force... she makes you think about the obvious advantage that female singers can have, putting energy into a track like this while still sounding laid back, or effortless, it's not exactly 'yelling', but she's got your attention. This one instrumentally is equally as creepy as the A-Side, a sturdy drum track and distorted bass. Lyrically there's a lot to dissect...plenty of layers here to transcribe in teenage diaries. It's really bringing back listening to the saddest bastard music on the bus on the way to school and praying the batteries would hold out for another side.

I'll be damned if I can't recognize what this sleeve is done after, I've been searching out every Siouxsie and Bauhaus cover for that typeface...but no luck. Get this one on black vinyl from Private Leisure Industries Records

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