Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beerface/Pointing Fingers split on Rot Gut Records

First of all let me say this is a glow in the dark vinyl 45, which actually works, flip off the lights and it's a glowing platter, not enough to get picked up by a camera, so you'll have to take my word. This is actually a split between a gentleman who goes by Beerface among other hip hop aliases, and a pleasant fellow Pointing Fingers, AKA Progeny, not too many hip hop singles cross the 7inches desk, but I've kept tabs on Stones Throw and their insanity likeMF Doom dime box sets, but I really have no kind of context for this except a few touchstone albums.

So Beerface is going to school me about his part of the dirty south on the A-Side hip hop style, a classic combination of old school beats: grab a couple of good loops, some horns and of course barfing and pissing samples because after all this is a hardcore jam about drinking beer. "Number one" is impeccably crafted, a verse after verse jam about microbrews and getting wasted, this alter ego pushing the subject matter to it's absolute limit punctuated by a chorus of "I'm fucking drunk!". It's constructed in the perfect tone of those story tracks from LL Cool J or KRS-1, a utilitarian beat under that direct vocal track, that leaves it all up to Beerface to keep this interesting measure after measure. Completely entertaining he's just leaving me with one question after pouring a cold one myself....can he pull this off for a whole album of this? Each track an ode to a particular brand, Bud, Miller or Genesee, maybe the bars and especially the things that happen after having a few too many? There's a lot of material here, clearly Beerface is in his element and this has to just be scratching the surface.

The B-Side, "Goes So Hard" from one of Progeny's alter egos Pointing Fingers brings things somewhere into the late '90s with a real low bit rate sampled beat, and eastern style samples, a little like DJ shadow's more introspective tracks. Those muscley beats and unexpected instrumentation like this huge rattling chain sound. Progeny has a bit of that Marshall Mathers frantic yell style, between verses he's taking in huge breaths on the verge of hyperventilating.
I like that these guys got together and made a single happen....and on glow in the dark vinyl...a first for me I have to say.

Get this Texas hip hop glowy single from Beerface's tumblr, and after a few beers turn out the lights.

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