Friday, January 6, 2012

Mrs Magician on Grizzly Records

Got another one from Mrs Magician, their third single by now, this time on Grizzly Records. I'm just getting into this matte feel monochromatic green sleeve when their completely out of control harmony from "Prescription Vision" on the A-Side, starts up. The heavy layered blasts of 'whoa oh's' on the first breathy vocal note is an unapologetically pop storm of glee. Not the show, but earsplitting grinning. This is overwhelmingly enthusiastic, it can throw you off a bit, so I'm preparing you now for the unbelievable brightness. The reverb inverts over a pop surf single then double snare beat with just a little bit of a grim twist in the vocal:
prescription vision / blinding my baby's eyes 
Even taken metaphorically there's some kind of drug abuse problem referred to here which is in direct contrast to the higher than high surf chorus.
It embodies pure goofball beach antics, and it's no surprise they're from the west coast, I mean not to pigeonhole the sound, but what is it about all that damn sunshine? It makes you this kind of happy manic, that's for sure. The vocal is so strong here, it almost makes those a capella clubs make know the one from Social Network, except Mrs Magician all have PHD's in surf, and are wearing jams with tuxedo jackets.
On the B-Side, "I Know What Girls Like" takes a hard nostalgic turn into Hunx territory, with plenty of reverb but slowing it down to that high school dance feel...the disco ball spinning, chaperones checking hands. The tamborine echo on this stickier bubblegum track is yet again hiding the lyric just under the surface about how the lead vocal Magician was:
...way to fucking nice to you
Because if he was a jerk then she would be into him, but then he wouldn't her...just a circle of lies that when delivered with under such sunshine is turning the whole thing around, like the 'oh so quiet' bjork video in an insane asylum.
Both tracks time in at under 2 minutes, being that we're in the middle of the dark days of solstice, this single might actually save your life... or push you completely over the edge.

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