Monday, January 9, 2012

Preorder Epic Ditch on Velocity of Sound records

Darren over at Velocity of Sound ended up getting in touch with the guys from Superdrag who told him about their latest project, Epic Ditch, and naturally talk of a seven inch started to come together...and it went up for preorder this weekend.
That sleeve, which I just saw myself, is a shredded logo...from what you might ask? Grinding curbs, or pvc on the edge's of halfpipes probably. The second you buy that brand new deck, just throw it in the street, or scrape it down a bench. If there aren't gouges in the bottom from day one, then what kind of a skater are you?
Here's my review for the VOS Site:

Here’s a packed to the grooves power sk8 punk seven inch from Nashville’s own Epic Ditch. Having long paid their dues in various bands, John Davis for one was a founder of early nineties alternative band, Superdrag and bassist Nick Raskulinecz is a Grammy award winning producer for up and comer bands like the Foo Fighters, Rush, and Alice In Chains. Adding Pegclimber's Stewart Pack and The Pink Spiders Nick Slack to the mix, this isn’t a bunch of new kids on the block.
That doesn’t mean they aren’t going to rock punchy distortion driven riffs with energetic, anthemic punk vocals
This is evident from the A-Side opening track, “More Juice”, which comes off as an updated speed hardcore track with roots in Suicidal Tendencies, godfathers of that skate punk sound, and playing about just as long, the abrupt stop echoing off the walls. They’re setting the bar high for delivering a tight, explosive package. By “Singular Form”, the riffs stretch out a bit and that layered guitar crunch is heavily on display, the soaring harmonics of skilled sonic manipulation ranking this right alongside the best examples of power punk from the likes of Hot Snakes or Sparta. “Unexploded” continues to build on those layers in rapidly increasing starts and stops becoming a show of force in power chords. The epic layers of head thrashing chunky guitar have their fair share of screaming solo moments in the rapidly disappearing time of this side, which, even over too soon, has already been exhausting.
The B-Side, “Tried and True” now ventures into proto-punk Dictators territory, the all tom rhythm drives the track right into windmill distortion strumming, the levels all peaked to the very edge of the sound, compressing every last decibel out of their own wall of sound. “Resistance is Victory” then brings the whole single full circle and we’re back to their thrash punk, hyper melodic roots, recorded in a mere 36 hours, this single captures the frantic energy of their power hardcore, more than just a late night halfpipe session soundtrack, they’re shredding record needles.

Preorder this one from Velocity of Sound Records, they definitely have some of those stickers, pre-grind, ready and waiting.

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