Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hooper on Snappy Little Numbers Records

This on came in from Denver's own documenters, Snappy Little Numbers, and Chuck is up to his fourth release already, taking a page out of the Trouble in Mind book, printing up a bunch of gold sleeves with the label info and using them across the next pile of releases. Step by step instructions on the reverse of this 45 are there in that '50s way of saying 'Don't worry... hide under your desk, the fallout won't get to you there!'
This one from SLN is from a trio, Hooper, and their track, "The shallows" immediately reminds me a lot of Atombombpocketknife, a little bit punk with a lot of polish, they have a hardcore spazz sound, all speed and harmonies. Utter and complete stops, you can hear that moment of complete silence before they drop back in. The best parking garage skate music. It won't even let you stop, take their poppy punk, it's coming for you. The trio manages a pretty serious, big sound. A camera would be shaking all over this video.
B-Sides' "100 acre slingshot" starts out with a sad sounding a capella vocal and a muted distorted strumming.... Christ, I know they've become a dirty word but this just reminds me of the hours spent listening to the Kerplunk and... Tilt? I remember the sticker a girl had on her artbin during this entry into hardcore period. An exotic band from the West Coast? Couldn't get enough of this California sounding slick punk, making hardcore pop in some twisted way. And at the same time still sounding like some kind of sad bastard music, just at a crazy tempo. It didn't make sense...is it inherently a part of that sound, or is it just still working like nostalgia...and does Promise Ring still exist? I guess that's where emo comes from right? This slick fast punk about the usual depressing things that happen to jerks like me. Too much energy to ever give up, they must be kind of propelling themselves towards some kind of punk future all freaking punked up.

On marbly mixed wax from Snappy Little Numbers, with super secret message in the gutter, just barely scratched on the surface...you tell me...

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