Monday, February 27, 2012

Useless Eaters EP on Jolly Dream Records

This is how a new label starts, first you are a huge fan of music, second there is a band so great, and you believe in them so much that you have to put their record out maybe for selfish want to play that record at home on your turntable, maybe you want to just plain hear more muic from those guys and you realize you can be the one to make it happen. Here's how it started with Jolly Dream: they loved the Creamers so they decided they should be the ones to put out a single from those guys, and next thing you know, they're a record label with a second someone I would also throw money at, Seth Sutton of Useless Eaters.
It's out of control how talented this guy is, and on top of being a completely natural performer, he's equally at home tracking all this stuff himself solo, like on this single, or give him and amp and an electric or he can put together a full band. When Jay played bass for him, it took about five seconds of Seth jamming his own jerky reverb to completely forget Jay was even onstage. It was a great show of solidarity and a little passing of the torch moment, especially now...and Seth keeps living up to the expectations of that gesture.
He's doing his own thing, and doesn't need that kind of pressure, everything so far has been insanely consistent, I can barely keep up with the sheer number of full lengths and singles, like with this one (I'm so glad these guys sent me) which I didn't hear about anywhere. He manages somehow with every release to keep slightly changing the sound, experimenting with pining down a specific texture while always being as catchy pop garage punk as humanly possible, like last week at the Cakeshop.

The A-Side starts out with "American Cars" and a slower, dirty sound, the percussion here almost sounds slightly drum machine, that thin, muffled blankets in a corner sound, but it's just another element he's paying close attention probably seems obvious after the fact...I just appreciate this kind of attention to detail, and that the four of these tracks are so different...playing around in that formula he's created for himself...but he isn't just satisfied with the formula. I'm going to spend an afternoon fucking around with this kick sound, and go for this restrained guitar sound to match it. He can work in this straight ahead classic pop way or deftly bury it under more reverb than you've ever heard. "The Moves" has UE back in his stuttery delivery, like Mr. Oscillator single, a nervous kind of stabby mental breakdown. The springy reverb sounds like that tortured blues yelp, which Seth manages to match vocally...when he lets loose like this, it works the best for me. An admirable release.

B-Side's , "Proper Conduct" another sort of more low key number, the subtle spazz taking control and what's this? A crazy fadeout? There's nothing he's not willing to try in under 3 minutes. It's exhausting to listen to this much great stuff...what is a rehearsal like? What 20 songs is he going to have to remember...I know this sounds like, 'oh big deal, I have to work for a living' but this is ridiculous to pull off almost singlehandedly day after day, single after single.
"Plague is vague" has a snottier punk vibe with guitar violence, on the verge of broken strings. He's just impressive. One of the best musicians out there. Here's a dream lineup, Ty Segall, Seth Sutton and Jeff Novak...not even playing music, just hanging out like in that guitar doc It might get Loud. I'm stupid.

This cut up seventies collage sleeve style has been working it's way across the full length records I've seen recently and is a perfect kind of homage to his kind of punk and a nod to all that mix up, appropriation he's doing. It's not a brand new bag, just the best version of an old one.

On your choice of red or white vinyl, red inner sleeve, goth lettered inner insert pic of that kid from mask.

Get this one from Jolly Dream Records.
So you think you've got the moves? More moves than a sharecropper? Not yet, you don't!
Jolly Dream brings you this swarthy slab of Nashville punk from Useless Eaters. Our second offering to gods unknown. Four songs in a heartbeat's time of pilled out puke with a penchant for rough shit at a fast clip and a minute to live.
Overselling, you say? With any other label you'll likely overpay for an inferior disc, a band that lisps, limp wrists, and songs that aren't hits.
"The Moves", "American Car", "Plague is Vague", and "Proper Conduct"...Seth Sutton, sucker!
Written & Recorded by Seth Sutton
Mastered by Orville Neeley & Seth Gibbs

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