Friday, March 30, 2012

Post Teens EP on Sound Study Records

Got this EP single from Indianapolis's Post Teens by way of this Florida label, Sound Study's a 6 track single of a blinding speed, tight hardcore sound. Just trying to write a cohesive sentence before the track ends is impossible, so bear with me.

Starting with the A-Side's, "Bleached Heads".... the blindfolded bong photo on the inner center label didn't prepare me... these guys are playing really fucking fast... we should have guessed from the SIX songs on the back? Yea I should have.
"When I'm Wasted"... it's a midwest more hardcore Cerebral Ballzy, the guitar sound is really making this. Completely blown out, just a mess complete distortion, and this thing is at 45? That sound is so overblown it's nothing like a guitar anymore. I'm thinking Pissed Jeans on this one...or with this massive echo'd sound, it's got a Perry Farrell Janes feel, the seconds they take to solo a couple of notes in the silence, they've already built up the layers so when they come back in they've turned to a heavy metal classic rock.
"Crust lust"... just fast as hell, they've really got their shit together, finding those riffs, stuffing them into this one minute track, repetitive... sure, but given this little time, they're just getting started anyway...easily pushing out this many tracks more than should be here. This one almost sounds a little too polished, for as shitty sounding as they're trying to make this on the record they could have used a little less rehearsal guys, this is so tight that it's losing that slacker, I'm a loser vibe.

B-side "fucked up perception", these crunchy guitars areworking together perfectly... the kick is all blown out, they've nailed their own great kind of messed up fi and that chorus echo vocal makes the whole thing come off as really hopeful in spite of the angry delivery that's going on. They really are something to be kicking windows in to or occupying things.
"Got a problem" this is why seven inches still exist for bands like this. I want to read that book, the 7" punk single history, why they had to be pressed, what kind of a hardcore/punk scene would exist without them... Post Teens are paying homage to this era.
"We don't like you" really can't get any faster, is it possible I've been listening at the wrong speed?

On Black vinyl, almost out of print from Florida's Sound Study Recordings, lyric insert sheet, sing along!


  1. wrong band, wrong city. no "the", gainesville, fl.

  2. Ah shit, I'm useless.