Monday, April 2, 2012

The Band in Heaven EP on Hozac Records

This one came in from a five piece out of Florida known as The Band in Heaven. This single was pressed on the tastemakers, Hozac records...who's always hard at getting the music out there, I'm still reeling from that Mickey full length and the Ketamines...a lot to catch up on as always. The Band in Heaven is probably still recovering from SXSW, but you can listen to them in your own livingroom thanks to 7 inch phonograph technology.

A-Side's "Sleazy Dreams" gets to work with a scuzzy, primitive stomp-beat and a distanced slight echo on the vocal, it's really humming along, dense as hell, coming off as a tight mechanical wave headed right for you. It's a kind of industrial, future primitive sound, ful of melted electronics sounds, but keeping up that speed and a manic vocal that steadily creeps along. A Sisters of Mercy dread and greaser sound, they aren't obviously dangerous... just coming for you little by little, revving up the chords... with leather.
"If you only knew", has a crazy loop of a sitar warped sound, lots of chime-y percussion, taking all kind of cues form psych and then adding a lot of contemporary elements and blasting it all through a tiny speaker in a tin shack, turned to 11. Hypnotic and classic rock in a Dead Meadow sort of extreme. Tambourine, bells, organs on the verge of bursting.
A pretty massive twisting loop of repetition, with hazey vocals floating around the low lit room, rugs all over the place. The overdrive warble adding anther layer of psych. Who knew this no-fi could even become a useful element in the stoner vibe, it doesn't always have to soudn like it's punched the speaker straight throught the stereo.

B-Side's, "Summer Bummer", goes back to the dancy grind with the fuzziest bassline and haunted guitars under a Cramps-like sleaze vocal with a heavy delay. A slide guitar from the other side. This cover of trick or treating dogs in space now makes a weird kind of sense. "Sludgy Dreams": I spoke too soon with that Dead Meadow reference before...because THIS one is really capturing that same kind of nodding off blast... you've seen those guys in the parks, bent over, slowly losing their balance. Damn if these guys aren't going for one kind of audio trip it's another. Wavering tremolo guitars, heavy groove extra bass bassline, delayed slow vocal, nodding off himself. A heroin JAMC on 16rpm.

Check out the track below and pick this up from Hozac alone, or as part of a super four pack or along with Year 3 of the Hozac club...your choice.

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