Friday, April 20, 2012

The Icarus Line on Yeah Right! Records

Got todays single in from Yeah Right Records from this LA based (post?) hard rock band, The Icarus Line who, according to their wiki page has been around for 15 years or so, not that all these guys weren't playing in bands long before that, making a long time career out of piling into maybe nicer than usual vans and living on interstate drive through fast-food. Rock and roll is freaking glamorous you guys. Everyone should try it. Like "Tiny Furniture" or "Girls", you deserve it, everyone will love your paintings, or music you just need another couple of years to really perfect your self expression. Why is life so hard?

A-Side's "We sick" is working with some impressive guitar sounds, they're going after some really deliberate, specific sounds that have been obviously agonized over and layered together. It's all coming together in a minimal post-punk way... the pounding tom odd time signature rocks away, mining in the quarry. That beat is even a little glam rock, the handclap smack right on top of the snare. These thick guitar sounds are coming off really clear, no delay, all attack. Vocals with a slight reverb, doubled, and snarling over this minimal arrangement. It sounds sludgy, he's talking about summer, everything drying up, this is all hot, trodding along in the blazing sun, just able to muster enough strength to lash last time. Heavily produced, these classy gentlemen Distort the vocal, split them across the channels and the right speaker is yelling "We're sick!"

"Holy man" shows up to be a rocker, coming out of the gate like The Cult, a sick wah wah shiny guitar, funk influenced in a weird California way, with part northern Soundgarden slick sleaze injections. He's got a screamy vocal, a bit of metal if you want it. All the solo-ing of dual electro distortions are classic rock, tremolo yelling....a massive track in an epic metal way.... who knew they had it in em.

On light green/gold color vinyl in sleeve with some flash photography staged pics of the band, looking like they don't feel like being at this photo shoot. From Yeah Right! Records.

Check out the bandcamp here:

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