Monday, April 23, 2012

Interview with Brad from Loud and Clear Records

I got a chance to talk to Brad from Loud + Clear Records a couple of weeks back... I got an email about his 10th anniversary show, he sent me some singles, and had to find out how I'd missed hearing about his long running label. We talk about him recently quitting his 9-5, opening a recording studio, and learning things the DIY-hard-way from day one.
Brad's put out a bunch of singles recently because vinyl rules, but still believes in keeping things available on the interweb and itunes because we aren't all record nerds and it's about the music dammit!

I play an excerpt of his Chairs Missing single and the Goodbye Blue Monday/Comfortable For You split. All for sale over here at the L+C store.

Download the MP3 from this link here

And by the way, PIAPTK put those Wooden Wand / Catherine Irwin splits up for sale!

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