Monday, April 9, 2012

Madamm on Radio Obligato Records

This single mysteriously showed up from the band Madamm, out of Sweden on Radio Obligado Records...the only thing I can find being that discog listing, and the band's page. (Johan from Radio Obligado sent this link to his label).This one is from a few years back, and might predate a lot of that '50s girl group sound going on over here, with a bit of a junk folk edge on these two tracks.

A-Side, "You've lost me" is nicely built up from a ramshackle collection of distortion levels, acoustic guitars and clanking away on glass bottles. As dense as it should be, there's still plenty of space, it isn't a layered shoegaze affair of piling the static melodies on and seeing what sticks. There's a great song in here, just the way these music elements come toegther sounds homemade, but Tammy has a great echo on the vocal that goes oldies in that sort of '50s homage Hunx way, not that they would have even heard them in '09 when this was recorded....and this isn't as over the top, more of a stripped down folk version of those '50s girl group sounds. Like these handclaps that get this thing going on the chorus. Tammy has a pissed off soul vocal, "I wont forget you, I wont forget about you" in that pop girl group wronged '-ettes' way. A summer stomp of revenge. A harmonica solo, before Tammy ranges from a little melancholy sounding in that final 'forget you' vocal to being completely happy to maybe mad again? That's love.

B-Side "Harbour boogie" comes up with a great drum sound, a little messy... distorted, slowly building up, from a tiny speaker with holes poked though it. This one's got a real dirty groove with jangle distortion and Tammys great powerful vocal, I love this, like Shannon & her Clams, there's no mass of effects to hide what the heck she's going through. This little broken distortion isn't overwhelming, and she's kind of losing her mind, talking about dancing with you. Pile on the layers for the final chorus. Really great balance of a kind of junk folk and '50s girl group comeback sound, as contemporary as the garage guys piling out of Nashville.

Helena Roos did the cover art and I'm going to assume that cowboy lady is drunk and should not be pointing guns at anyone. Recorded at grandmas summer house who would completely appreciate this. As far as where to get it....well I suggest posting on their facebook wall or Myspace. - Or from Radio Obligado direct, hit me with those overseas costs.

****Side note KCRW just posted a great show with Henry and Ian playing 7 inches over the weekend. However you feel about either of these guys, their politics or bands, they are a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of punk singles, they bring stuff from their own collections...amazing show.

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