Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Mumfords / The Wheelers split on Blood on the Vinyl / Maximum Ames Records

The Wheelers sent me a nice email mentioning their buddies the Mumfords, and the review I posted of their split with Sam Locke Ward a while back. Looks like this split between these two also involves Maximum Ames Records and Blood on the vinyl Records

The Mumfords are back this time with more of their pop weirdness in the tradition of The Dead Milkmen, or They Might Be Giants... this time they imagine the pope's theme song if he was in the rap game and had to 'school' you...two cultures that will most likely never combine in any way, they've taken it upon themselves to try with "Kiss the Ring". Essentially it's closest relative is that House of Pain track, "Jump around" with a brass drone section. Rapping about the pope, it's a serious kind of mashup of samples. Weird loops and a free form sax solo with the chorus "POPES IN THE ROOM!" in a creepy warble. This jump around rhythm the perfectly inappropriate accompaniment for lyrics about hitler youth. Bursts of wah guitar, deliver the lyric as fast as possible with a slight distortion. Put everything into this chorus, like a big crunch guitar solo... reminding me a little of Pop Will Eat Itself "Not now James, we're busy". Like they're trying to see what this experiment would be like when you jam those pop things together - all the weird kind of party sounds on all 4 tracks... and about the church? You've never heard anything like this before.
Most bizarre release of 2012, no contest. Creepy black and white pen drawing of a pope with his rings staring you down. KISS THEM!

B-Side from The Wheelers "op:CTRL" rises out of the rehearsal space sound, fading in a solo bassline and guitar feedback, playing the high strung strings. A creeping slow vocal in that sort of pixies style, you better get ready for that chorus to explode into operation control. They're opting for a big crunch guitar, into searching for those real specific sounds. I have to hand it to them, they know what kind of crunch sounds to use. It picks up into a punk sound by the end with yelling vocals, I think this guy really lost it.

We'll tear off each others skin and wear them like halloween costumes.
Equally as randomly influenced, serious pieces of work...both of these guys.
Iowa is home to some dangerous weirdos.

Black and white xerox sleeve, black vinyl with download card from Blood on the Vinyl Records. Get it from their bandcamp page.

***PS - Suicide Squeeze is taking preorders for Nobunny and Wax Idols singles...limited color for the first 100 or so.***

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