Thursday, April 12, 2012

Slim Twig on Calico Corp Records

Got another single in from Calico Corp Records, this one from the label founder himself, Slim Twig and his unique crooning baritone delivery over these madman carnival synth numbers.

A-Side's "There's a secret to your pleasure" is alien sounding keys swirling into harsh synth melodies and a warm, buried beat. A crazy variety of synth tones working all over this one in delivering a pop psyche future sound. Slim Twig's got a low, baritone vocal... a poppy sounding Tom Waits, you get the feeling there's an unsettling carnival going on here. Here's the ringleader sucking you in. But I don't know any better Slim? That's how I'm gonna getcha! Then this number turns glam rock with a huge reverb and the vocals doubling back on themselves. What's that? A twinkly sounding Elvis hammond organ? How Slim manages to use that familiar verse chorus verse structure but with a completely unique set of subtle sounds is a mystery. There's an epic prog rock feel to this but with a really deft synth hand that comes from pushing the layers of melodies, and working the early seventies to the late 80's video game 8bit sounds. Lush layers of Slims vocal harmonies, the breathy airy lyric alongside these future sounds.

B-Side's "Pastiche" has a darker creepy feel with large, raw, crunchy blues bits of yelp vocal, but mostly synth stepping in for the ususal guitar melody, just realizing now in fact that there's not a single guitar anywhere on this single. They've been successfully substituting synth for the crunky guitar sounds from post-punk you're usually looking for. Like Mattress, Slim is almost a cabaret character in this elizabethian clockwork orange future. Monocles and brain chip implants, and eye cutters. There's a back and forth between Slim and Slim at the end that stops this journey in it's tracks, a quick burst of electro-nightmare and it's over.

Heavy vinyl, with monchromatic red sleeve...great photo.

Get it from Calico Corp. Records:

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