Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American Sun - self released

This classic three piece, American Sun, who rehearse down the street in my neighborhood, sent me their self released single of raw, stripped down post sound and harmonies that immediately reminded me of Bikini Kill or Sleater Kinney...they've got a loose rock anti-polish sound that's concerned with self expression more than any kind of manufactured package....all indescribable good things.

On the A-Side, the title track "American sun" has a big phaser guitar over an off kilter post punk rhythm, dirty and room mic'd in that way that could come off as too nonchalant or unrehearsed, but here it comes off as an honest sincere version of those three chords. When this chorus comes together, it's even getting a little Vivian Girls, without so much of the angelic sweetness, maybe more of a Midnight Snaxxx sound, kind of dangerous...the way they plow through this track like they've got somewhere to's working for them.

On "Poor girl" I'm really into this bass sound, punched through a shitty speaker, deliberately weird and blown out sound to build a whole track around. It's version of feedback, a little experimental guitar-ish. The vocal harmony sound here is more a contrast for this abrasive anti-melody they get going here, but they've really nailed this spontaneous sound, the echo is a plenty on the vocals, the jangly, hardly any effects, guitar is recorded in that dying, just hardly able to jam this vocal out way... a zombie kind of damaged surf sound? It's purposely off in this unsettling way. A touch of Sonic Youth in this one, yelling together about a poor girl, but never committing all the way to that riot grrrl distinction.

B-Side's, "Indian morning" is continuing on with their phased guitar, shakers and bass sound... nothing says exciting like that slightly less than perfect recording, this one forcing that mismatched sound, the vocals super up front and big on this one, exactly in that loose Grass Widow vibe. A big harmony sound, going grungy like Helium... it's that quintessential indie rock sound, unpretentious...a slack kind of song... just an outlet, not a way to get famous or make it. Definitely some Frankie Rose sounds in here too, those cave tom beats, that primitive garage.

All on a big hole 33 black vinyl single, black and white staged pics like the old timey cowboy photos on the back so you know who you're dealing with. American sun don't run.

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