Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fuck Fuck and Flaming Pink square picture lathe on Corporate Records

Hey 7inches, how long did it take you to figure out this lathe cut plays from the inside out?

About five minutes.

I have a high tolerance for lathe cuts and their temperamental nature, they are imperfect artifacts and you have to be willing to really weight them down or delicately push them along their journey to the center of the record, so I spent a while trying to gently nudge it along and it seemed to be perpetually stuck in this locked groove of babies crying...but why would there be this lock groove at the beginning of a record? Unless they were really trying to mess with me, or maybe this was a super experimental release, playing with the format as much as the free form noise bands these could be. So what's the worst that could happen trying to start this thing from the center, and wouldn't you know it that was exactly what these two maniacs on the split wanted me to do.

Fuck Fuck happens to be Adam's band, the guy behind this lathe money pit and they do this track, "Down Low", which has to be adding a completely insane dimension to the track. It's amazing the magic is still there, these are grooves cut in some guys livingroom for all you know...and they contain real music...This has to be performed live as well, all blown out to start with and the bass kick is just a pale version of it's former self, blown completely into hiss-synth here, and it's like listening to the farthest away radio station in your rinky dink town but you still hang out the window with an antenna because it's good dammit. This is post punky, getting all freaky breakdown by the end, glitch and feedback with pieces of Devo or The Units punching through, melodic and frantic vocals, heavy fucked up guitars, this is all run through the muddled filter that is soft wax, bleeping synths or a ridiculous solo, fading in and out as the record spins.
Watching the giant FUCK FUCK spinning might be the nicest part. They take you through a breakdown, all the pieces falling apart, the bass line goes high, everything devolves, feedback a huge finish banging drums and then babies crying? in that endless I get it...nice one.

Flaming Pink does "The Best Song about Kilgore Trout" this one has to be a live track also with a real underwater warble to this, again, I'm amazed it's even playing at all, like any record really. This side is capturing the weirdo phaser on the guitar, even surprisingly this bass solo.
I would love to imagine this is the only vinyl document of this performance and then the magnetic or digital source was destroyed. It's punky... fits and starts, chords running around, fast as shit lyrics, some kind of synth plugging away. Pure punk, people getting stupid in front of the stage. THey're probably right, I don't know how many songs about this Kurt Vonnegut character there are but this is probably the best.
This one also ends on a locked groove, and I guess it has to so your needle doesn't fall right off the cool, and they'll do this at no extra charge, and you can even do this as a picture disc?

Go talk to Adam and pick something up or press something, this is so cool, he'll be overwhelmed before you know it and there'll be a 6 month waiting list.

But first....Flaming Pink!:

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