Friday, May 4, 2012

Turntable Kitchen 7" + Food subscription series

Here at 7inches we are always in search of the latest innovations in vinyl seven inch technology, whether it's liquid filled 12"'s or picture disc lathe cuts, just when you think it's all been done, every possible innovation has been figured out, every color combination has been explored, my friend Mina pointed out this site: Turntable Kitchen.

Everyone out there loving singles, listening nonstop, hunched over the turntable has to eat sooner or later, and I'll admit, if I wasn't writing about tiny records it just might have been food. Turntable Kitchen has gone and put limited hand numbered singles together with ingredients and recipes...or "pairings" if you will. Should there be a music/food pairing on the next Top Chef? If it was with 7" vinyl then the answer is yes. But they don't just do this for one band, once in a while when they release a record...this is every single month. You can subscribe forever and basically come home to a cute cardboard box full of dinner and entertainment. You bet I subscribed to this.

Go check out some of the artists they've featured in past months, I've never heard of any of them, and that makes this even more interesting. I'm actually jealous that I didn't think of this first.

Would anyone buy this Michael Buble record if I put it together with some aftershave....or a set of steak knives? How about a tiny electronic hello kitty keyboard?

Also, this would be my version of meals on wheels...keep that in mind future self. A record and food everyday. The Hussy or Useless Eaters with some BBQ, Real Estate and a classic BLT on some country white with a lemonade. Grass Widow and some Spider Rolls (those might not travel great) well there's some details to work out. Let's start a restaurant.

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