Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kruds / Rampant Decay split on Patac Records

Time to pull out the old crazy metal from Patac, this one is a split to clear the backyard this weekend, and get those jerks off your lawn. No one would ever come knock on your door and tell you to turn this down. What you've got is a split with Kruds who are throwing crazy samples into their hardcore, which is weird and awesome and Rampant Decay who are back with another split, because god knows if they get their own full length the world is going to end.

Kruds - "Hatchet Face" starts out with a Compton's Most Wanted sample over some RnB loop "I got another gang story to tell..." starting out this metal onslaught of growly vocals, thin metal guitars dropping out for a crunchy fuzz bassline then they double time it with yelly vocals. I like then they get a groove going for a minute...they could stick to these melodies. I think "Dead Bent" is up next with trading off vocals... who doesn't love to hear this completely room clearing grind.
Then shit... a Mike Tyson sample? Genius, really anything the guys says can be mindblowing, even if you already know he is completely crazypants. Putting this right next to speed grindcore with big starts and stops? Shit I'll take it, somehow they got away with pressing this, someone was asleep at the pressing plant...nice work.
At least 4 tracks here, sounds home recorded and angry, with Marshall stacks. This last one slows down to a crawl and I like when it gets extreme like this, as slow as possible. I'm old, the fast stuff just flys by me. More samples!...from Caddyshack? I'm getting into this. I hope they try to put these in live, it's bringing back that rampant sampling from the '90s but in metal? There's an idea. More speed and mixed up stops, slow it down again for a econd of hardcore. They all yell into the mic. Nice one, unexpectd and weird. The bands they thank on the liner notes are worth the price of admission alone: Goregrowler, Charles' Grandparents (Is that a band or a sincere thanks?) and Down Syndrome (again....thanks or band?).

The B-Side is from the guys in Rampant Decay, they're getting that big sound and the growling is seriously ferocious, it's beefier and even faster, blending into a massive blur of vocal and cymbal crashes... then a rock beat and chord changes with a choir?! This is great. "Political Lemmings" I love that these guys are so angry I just hope they're setting some banks on fire while they're at it. Don't put all your energy into the band, help stick it to the 1% would you? "King of the trash" has up front gutteral growls, while the instrumentation struggles to break forward... this kind of thing scares me. You can get into a trance and really want to break stuff. Great sleeve with a crazy tattooed dude rising out of the cigar smoke(?) who is knifing, no machete-ing this guy in the head who has a bike that says "vegan" on the downtube. I think there's lots of other labels involved in this release...and really? Facebook addresses? What the fuck is that? You guys should be firebombing facebook, not advertising those assholes in your liner notes. Can I be 'friends' with Rampant Decay? You should want to kill me!

I've never been good at reading these crazy metal typefaces and it's a good thing there's a download card or I would have gotten these wrong...from Patac records.

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