Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mrs. Magician on Loud and Clear Records

I was happy to find out the other day that Mrs. Magician has found another home with Loud and Clear Records, and put out one of their trademark sunny vibes single with the creepy monochrome matte sleeve. Looks like they got them selves a full length recently and I'll be on the lookout for their reverby harmony laden chorus jams.

A-Side's "The Spells" has that warble reverb and chorus together on the surf guitar, these guys waste no time getting right into this catchy melody, bouncy electric, punchy free form interpretation of this melody ending on the big harmony AHHH's, that throws this for a loop. They're real direct in this vocal about having the spells and feeling pathetic, turn off the phone / pretend your out ...but he's still home... I think because he's just distraught over this love. The feel bad sound mistaken for happy... hide it....Repeat.
They really have it togther, the stops and starts of a bigger loftier pop, but this stays pretty simple and loose in that great throwback unassuming way. They make it sound easy, like these riffs. I imagine live they're a pretty fun affair, halfway between a straight up indie pop outfit and layering on the psych and surf. But no confusion in the grinning. Consistently spreading good moods.

B-Side's "Angel baby" is that far off strums of reverb guitar for a mirror ball to descend into the slow dance groove, big time buried vocals. This could be some kind of update on that RAD song, "Send me an Angel" where he's cutting up the dancefloor on a bike. Classic slow dance material fitting of the name, dreamy vocals talking about love again, these guys are real sentimentalists. I don't feel ready for these feelings, we're just getting to know each other. They're moving too fast. Slow bassline and beach boys multilayered harmonies, all kinds of effect layers, stare into the spiral center label, you're getting sleepy. On Black Vinyyyylyllllllllll.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

From Loud and Clear Records - ed

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  1. Cool tracks, so relaxing too. I hope to hear the whole thing.