Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Manxx on Snappy Little Numbers Records

Denver's own, Snappy Little Numbers put out this single from The Manxx (just double x, take it easy) who are a power punky trio from around the Colorado neighborhood because this is after all, like the best micro 7" labels, documenting their own scene that would otherwise probably go completely overlooked. You can see how it makes sense on this level to have that third entity between the listener and artist. Someone to facilitate the details of the pressing itself, getting the word out. No band wants to write 3rd person press releases. It's easy to see these labels are just as important as the bands going out every night, loading gear, and playing for beer. It's a combination of the two working independently and together. You worry about the music, I'll make sure the inserts are xeroxed, and all the promo's get mailed out. How to resolve this when you're spreading the music around to millions becomes problematic for a lot of reasons, but I am always happy to buy and talk about labels like this. Seven inch records are inherently about this kind of a scene. Impossible to mass market, or even press in huge quantities.

So what are The Manxx putting on the A-Side? "Messin' around" has got a booming kick drum going at a real frantic pace with simultaneous tambourine smacks... reminiscent of Frankie Rose, without so much attack with the toms. Sara on guitar and vocals is way up front in the mix, all kinds of clean treble distorted with winky attitude. This undertow of organ and her energetic delivery has the whole track going a little bit cutsey...something like the pop beatings of Bratmobile or Bunnygrunt, with punk spikes...this three piece has a jumpy jangle guitar with a spazz garage edge to the whole thing.

"Hard lessons" serves up more of this soft edge fun loving twee's sort of reminding me of that Ronettes sort of ramma lamma ding dong... laid back handclaps and backbeats, the oooo's under a thin layer of distortion. Imagine the demo's from the Go Go's via The Midnight Snaxxx (ok that's a full on triple x). Always keeping it brief and to the point.
"Goodbye to you! Goodbye to You!"

On marble dark grey vinyl in Snappy's one size fits all sleeve. Check it out:

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