Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crisis Hotlines EP on Eradicator Records

Got a single from Eradicator Records here, this one from the Crisis Hotlines a three piece party punk band from Austin with the same kind of rocking, all together yell, easy to catch on chorus as another band on Eradicator, The Hussy.

"(Don't Wanna Go To) No Jail" Yelling right off off with this punk chorus "Don waaanna go! Don Wanna Go! To no jail", it's a rapid fire number, ultra gritty crisp distortion, super clean, almost jittery with changes. The vocals have a bit of that greaser '50s quality, we're all in this together, get in this trashy bar. Definitely not surf, a kind of leather jacket pusher sound focused on the energetic vocal half disappearing into yell. Find that three chord catch wave and ride it for the 45 seconds you can.

"Astral Projection" is this a sample about out of body experiences from Crispion Clover? Creepy intro with a solid bassline and it's all excuse to get right into a hoarse... Astral! Astral! Projection! Reminds me of the Hussy's Astro track. It's a great word to yell at the top of your lungs...a little close to asshole? Not an accident. There's a weird low, didgerido kind of sound, which checking out the liner notes has to be this baritone sax, a super weird sound to throw in the middle of this, maybe nodding to some kind of ska roots, a Reverend horton Heat revelation. It's party rock, and they're capturing the energy of this sweaty mess. Yelling over each other, it's as much about trying to sing over each other as it is driving the heck out of this rhythm to the inevitable crash head on into a brick wall. No brakes.

B-Side the aptly titled "Punch me in the Face" is actually a slower, gutteral distortion filled track with the title chorus "Punch YOU in the face" something about a party, maybe over a girl, so that it's from the POV of the guy he punched? Looking in the mirror the last night was a blur. These three would be a force to be reckoned with, you mess with one of them, you better be ready to just go down. It's trudging along with a thundering tom rhythm foundation. It's the clouded morning after sad realization this is just another normal day.

"Explorers" has a lower talky vocal delivery, sort of monotone and new wave sounding in how minimal it sounds compared to the rest of this take over party ride. You can hear a little bit more of the Minor Threat sound here or the Buzzcocks...it's got more of that thin, just figuring out how to record sound that's classic to this genre. Nuts and bolts showing. It's making me realize I think I might like these guys more if they weren't trying to get drunk, fight and go to jail all the time. But I get it, that's more fun.

Pick it up over at the Eradicator Records bigcartel store.

These Austin, TX guys really nail the obscure 80’s punk feeling right on the head without sounding redundant or dated. It seems like Austin just breeds this kind of punk. Contains members of Lost Controls, Sex Advice, Love Collector and former Horribly Wrong.
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