Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Midnite Snaxxx on Goner Records

Got notice of a new Midnight Snaxxx single from the guys over at the Goner label, after that single from Florida's Dying I'm in for a few more tracks of their west coast, instant gratification pop punk. For me these guys, I mean gals combine the kind of Dictators punk loose glam with that garage trash coming out of Nashville. It's no surprise they know and play shows with Shannon and the Clams and all her various side projects along with Personal and the Pizzas or Hunx. It's all inspired or nurtured by Oakland or maybe in spite of Oakland, they arrive at a great mix of all of this stuff. The three X's? Believe it or not there's a food distro company called midnite snax. This is the hardcore version.

Three killers from these ruthless purveyors of hook-filled punk, veterans of the Budget Rock Wars and the psycho wards, coming through everything fresh and on the attack. Like the Real Kids run over by Motorhead if they were ladies. YES!
You Kill Me
80 In The 40
Lost Weekend

Featuring Bay Area All-Stars:
Tina Lucchesi (Bobbyteens, Cyclops, Trashwomen, Top Ten, Tina & The Total Babes)
Dulcinea Gonzales (Loudmouths)
Renee Leal (La+Teenos)

Get this one from Goner Records direct.

From the Florida's Dying single:

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