Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Hairs / The Medusa Snare on Oddbox records

Got another one in from the Odd Box Records series, still pressing away the split singles with a soft focus on the precious indie end in sight out of England, this one an interesting split between more layered fuzzy, The Medusa Snare and straight up pop twee from Brooklyn's own The Hairs.

A-Side from London's Medusa Snare is "Feeling a Lot of Feelings" which comes off as a muddy sort of Jesus and Mary Chain, or that polished canned quality of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine.... layering in the vocals, heavy effects, smoke and mirrors of sounds, creaking out of the crackles and hiss. I have the AC on but that's not it I swear. It just starts in with this sustained guitar and laid back, indie rock feel of something like, Teenage Fanclub... I think its hard when you build up a wall like this to then have to come up with a sound for the solo? Luckily they saved one for right now. There's a seemless transition section right into this chanting of "the radio's not the only thing to fail", over and over slightly changing that chord progression, vocals right up front...letting the instruments do all the work blasting out the crunch and a high pitch hiss, while they layer in vocals at a pretty rapid pace, I think that where this is weirdly going off the rails because of the pace of this. Normally you create a haze and let it slowly hypnotize but instead it's a blur of speed and distortion. The radio's not the only thing to fail? Is it going to be digital streaming tracks now? Have to look into that.

B-Side is from neighborhood band, The Hairs kicking off the B-Side with "I Saw You Look the Other Way" which is acoustic based, real raw, hearing the metallic strings jangling all around. They've got that dual layered vocal going and it's way behind any of this instrumentation. A little sloppy in that precious home recorded way. Bobbing's good to hear this obnoxiously fun rock that's just trying to make it's way in the mean world. Mainline that one note right into your skull, it doesn't have to change though, it can stumble around a bit. Make it authentic. "Hey Hitler" then has a kind of sampled canned backbeat made out of piles of rocks banging together underwater, a trolley rolling on the tracks you can almost see the Michel Gondry for this acoustic strummer. Sunny summer pop, with loads of repetition, because when you hit that stride, you don't want to ever stop.

Get it from Odd Box Records, subscribe to the series and get the other five...should be another batch in the works for the 2013's.

Not from the single, but here's some equally home-y catchy tracks from The Hairs:

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