Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thee Spivs on Damaged Goods Records

I was glad to see this single from Thee Spivs after hearing that track on that World's Lousy comp. They're taking right back to the loose manic late '70s English punk....all the best things from the Buzzcocks, Exploited, Sham 69.

Then they go and do something like "T.V. Screen"... a nod to all the homages over the years, Ex Lion Tamer, TV party tonight, ...the list goes on and on, and rack up the classics, make some room on the countdown because this A-Side from Thee Spivs is another winner. I don't even know what it is about this sound... they have that punk attitude without being purely about the snotty anti-talent just to piss off anyone that likes them. These guys are talented and making jokes while really singing in this complex narrative. Surprising, it even started out as an acoustic number! It's like they're consciously distancing themself from the usual noisy chords.

punch me once / punch me again
gonna knock my eyes out from the back of my head

Asking 'what are you watchiing on the television screen?' We know you are, it's not right or wrong its just a reflection of that chaos of these millions of channels and flipping around, taking in the bits and pieces and then... oops, this comes vomiting out of thee Spivs in only the way these guys can do it. It's a party punk sound and I'd still avoid them in a dark alley. They probably don't give a shit about too much, I can hear it, these harmonies come out of despration. Punch me again! Cathcy riffs made out of nothing, fantastic. Stick my knife in my brain. I'll go find some more on the television screen. They have this post cold punk sound like the Soft Pack, rowdier and in the spirit of Joe Strummer RIP.

"I don't like the man that I am" more acoustic!?? (and billy childish cover - ed) This is bordering on sensitive, but this vocal is so dirty and completely cockney, baring it all, abreviating all kinds of words, dropping consonants, in that kind of tough guy let down the sheild for a second. Half joking but maybe being sincere in this kind of sea shanty bar song feel that might as well be a capella. I like it when these guys go more balls out punk, but then I appreciate that they're also defying expectations with something pretty personal like this. Way to go guys... one for the ladies.

Thee Spivs are back with their second album ‘Black And White Memories’ in November, following their critically acclaimed debut ‘Taped Up’ from 2010.
This is the lead single from the album called ‘T.V. Screen’, it’s a limited edition 7” with an exclusive b-side, a cover of the Billy Childish classic ‘I Don’t Like The Man That I Am’ which weirdly enough has also been covered by Pete Molinari and the Singing Loins, both on Damaged Goods!

On white vinyl from Damaged Goods Records, US distro...Red Eye.

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