Saturday, June 23, 2012

Harding St. Assembly Lab Comp

I've been checking out the 10" split series Harding St. and every one so far has blown my mind with incredible new instrumental bands, like the TVLS and long division and asentimentalsong...amazing they ended up in such a great package, the marbled vinyl, the hand stamped sleeve. What are we calling that these days? Artisinal craft records? I like it.
I also like that the vinyl version of the comp is cut to have the tracks run together in one gigantic mix tape....really cool idea to separate it from the digital version on top of highlighting all these great local musicians.

Now for a few quick completely unscientific recaps of selected bands on the comp:

Matt Northrup - weird cycling shimmery electronics
Nelly Kate - finger snapping joanna newsome
Maxfield Alan Háag - tribal acoustic slide
The Snowy Owls - cool reverb beach fossils
Goodwill Falcon - cheapo casio shoegaze etheria
Rugby - operatic glitch
Top Girls - big drone dance
White Laces - live echo tom heavy psych
The Diamond Center - acoustic layered dreamy

It's an eclectic mix, it's up to you to figure out how Virginia has affected the sound. All of these guys in one place... on one album, the only time ever!

HSAL #21: various artists, HSAL compilation #3 12″ LP $8 (+ shpng)

this is HSAL’s third mid-atlantic based compilation & our first one to take shape in a physical form. the goal of these compilations (HSAL #08, #12, & now #21) is to pair our stable of artists with great sounds from regional based like-minded acts. our reasoning behind a physical release on this comp is simple – we wanted to help good bands fill merch tables with great sounds. while we can’t sign every great band we hear, we can offer this small token of our appreciation for their work.

brand new jams from oulipo, the snowy owls, goodwill falcon, TLVS, & white laces…great sounds from the diamond center, borrowed beams of light, top girls, rugby, matt northrup, maxfield alan háag, & nelly kate!

Get this full length sampler from the Harding St Assembly Labs.

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