Friday, June 29, 2012

Relations EP release party at Matchless

Got a chance to catch up with Pete at 100m records at the Relations release party last night. The first time I put their EP on, it seemed to hit that balance of electronics and live performed organic elements that I loved in things like !!! or I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness. It sounded nostalgic with big chorusy New Order guitars with better than Bernard vocals.... completely diving into great synth sounds, making them the focus of any given piece, but still heavily guitar based. Not exactly glitchy or super electronic dance, just straight catchy heavily listenable tunes.

Live they manage to pull off this combination without much trouble. It's got to be a little hectic, pounding out brief measures of melody, kicking on a fill rhythm pad at the right time and stepping back to strum out a solo....they're smarter than me that's for sure. We also got a chance to hear some new things they're working on outside the EP, one of which was entirely created out of barely held down harmonic notes on Michael's guitar...the entire melody for the length of the song...those shrill synth sounding tones...which Terrance then double on his Nord3. Completely nuts...I love that almost experimental guitar stuff used in service of super pop. I talked about some of this a little more in the review I did for QRO.

Great show, and I'm hearing rumours from the source of a possible vinyl full length being recorded in the very near future. Just thinking about the full range of these sine waves committed to vinyl...get a kickstarter going.

Check out some samples from the EP below:

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