Friday, June 29, 2012

Xiu Xiu remixes on Bad Paintings Records

I always respected Xiu Xiu, he's really pushing that line of what's pop music and experimental art. There's a lot of bands that started in art school and do some weird things with a guitar, but for Xiu Xiu there doesn't seem to be any boundaries across genre's. He's got an amazing classical sounding voice, and the places he goes thematically will destroy you. It's not easy to pull any of this off instrumentally or lyrically. Out there succeeding and failing, but remaining completely challenging. Two remixes from people who seem to appreciate that while trying to put their own spin, successfully on this icon.
Get it from Bad Paintings based in the UK, this one is most definitely an import

Experimental noise pop outfit Xiu Xiu is set to release a new single via Bad Paintings on July 23rd 2012. Following on from the album Always earlier in 2012, this release will feature remixes of two tracks from that album - a Deerhoof (Greg Saunier) remix of I Luv Abortion and a Kid 606 (Miffy) remix of Joey’s Song. Released on 7 inch, cassette and digital this will be the debut of these versions. This also marks the second 7” release by label Bad Paintings.

Greg Saunier of no wavers Deerhoof has produced a discordant, intricate and passionate rework of I Luv Abortion (Side A). As with his own band’s work Saunier has injected a sense of sugar into this dark tune - as Jamie Stewart announces “the restrictions is gone,” you can’t help but feel that Saunier is playing this off against the earlier lyric “little sweetest glob.”

Miffy’s Club remix uses classic 80s sounds to turn Joey’s Songs’ already celebratory tone into something darker but equally full of ecstasy. The pounding kick / snare rhythm, bit-crushed synths and de-tuned leads drive towards a brutal climax - when the quasi-orchestral break comes half way through the song it feels like a beautiful relief from the bittersweet joy of the rest of the song. Miffy has successfully taken Jamie Stewart’s darker Manchester influences, and turned Joey’s Song in to a tune worthy of the Hacienda’s dancefloor.

Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu commented, “as a person prone to fetishization, I cannot get enough 7 have been offered to do one by such cool and gentile people is an honor.”

It is an honor for label Bad Paintings too - the release marks the second 7” by the label, following the sell out of The Babies’ My Name single. Jonathan from Bad Paintings said “Xiu Xiu has long been one of my favourite bands and has been a personal influence on my own music - to be able to release a single by them as our second 7” is an honor. We are so grateful for all the support we’ve had from our friends.”

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