Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yola Fatoush EP on Parlour Records

Got notice about this single from Yola Fatoush on Parlour Records out of the UK. A super crazy electronic duo project jamming together every sort of possible influence from the genre on this 4 track EP. I got a chance to check out the first track "Celine" which is apounding 8 bit stamp with rugged samples of some kind of MIA sounding hip hop snippet which quickly gives way to a sort of atmopheric haze. Far off gregorian chants, big smart sounding synth and her vocal heavily echo'd playing all over her register. An acoustic barely pokes in over the atari bassline rhythm. Unintelligable singing in an empty room takes over for a minute. Kind of drone sounding, really plodding, but with that huge Sleigh Bells alien production. A future rave glitch sound but her vocal takes this to a breathy, song place. Weird without sounding like it's really trying. Pleasant experiments like The Books or Tunng, cleverly belnding that organic human performance with the cut and paste laptop. Not going exactly dance but you want to move nonetheless.

Featuring the songs Celine, Usher in Spring, The Premises and I Hate Him
7" single & digital download, [7" comes with free download code]
Order 7" - Parlour Records SHOP
Also available at Rough Trade and Norman

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