Monday, July 2, 2012

The Box on Plastic Spoons Records

"Jason, I know there's a lot of seven inches being pressed in Brooklyn, but what about the rest of the world?"

Well, Yves at Plastic Spoons Records in Paris just sent me an email the other day about this single from The Box. I remember a while back seeing a single from Mess Folk on their label and the Box happens to be Vincent Bergier's new solo project, from Crash Normal, who from some preliminary research were a two piece electro-punk garage project and The Box sonds like a further extension of that soudn.

A-Side's "The Door" fades in on the static glitch with a heavy aggressive synth bassline bookming in. A static stoic beat, sleighbells mechanics and swirly electric guitar, the soundtrack for Columbine. Heavily on the industrial sound to me, coming together nicely with a twang wet reverb over rumbling drum kit from a huge echo chamber. Distanced distorted vocals half talking in a dystopian soundtrack for some kind of burned out landscape. Double time the rhythm...slash away at the distortion. Throw in plenty of glitching sub bass sounds, and there's a recipe for hate? Or the mind is a terrible thing to taste. The human part of this being pushed under every verse. The strums are even becoming mechanical. This beat basically dropping some element of the kit here and there but remians pounding... on and on. Oweing a lot to Skinny Puppy and the early industrial landscape.

B-Side's, "The Brain" has a weird disjointed loop that makes way for a raw guitar rhythm and far off waves of distortion come in like an aggressive feeling Suicide. Subterranian vocals under the neverending jabs at strumming and bursts of drum mechanics. Big cut and paste job turning danceable...even if it's the last days. Lyrics about a suitcase bomb? It's hard to tell, I think it's working just under the surface of recognizability to keep things spooky. The production is clear, step off, slow down to come back harder. It's a somewhat minimal approach, vocals turning to just sounds with that unrelenting fascist beat. Violent booms of kick.

You can get this direct from Plastic Spoons Records or these slightly more local distro's: Insound / Kill Shaman / Penpals Music / Florida's Dying / 80/81

It's called "THE BOX" and it is Vincent Bergier's new solo project, Vincent is CRASH NORMAL's former guitar player (many albums & 7" on Kill Shaman , S-S Records , Born Bad Records , Rococo ...). It comes as a 7" on transparent vinyl with great artwork on thick carboard.

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