Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bill Bondsmen "Nineteen" self released

Amado from Bill Bondsmen ended up sending me another one of their handscreened singles a couple weeks back now. I should have recognized it from their last woodcut looking screened sleeve back over the summer, and even then I was going on about their industrial '90s sound...and I swear I didn't even look at that old review when I was writing this. It's hardcore, fast and punk, but the number of effects and noise style of the arrangement I guess is taking me in that direction.

A-Side's "Nineteen" has this guitar sound positively warbled right through a space echoplex, the vocals carry a similar weight of effects, but this distortion is flattening, the shimmery crunch on the electric drives this thing right off the cliff, and maybe it's the vocal texture that takes this into an industrial place for me. The promise of Pigface, that frightening supergoup of Ministry and contless others, the crossover of punk/electronic and antihuman everything, the massive angst and anger, the hipstamatic, film shutter, grain and dirt at that point were as important than the track. All those things come to mind, but with a faster and harder edge with real craft in crisp, thick melodies and they even add the ring of a telephone into the final round of heavy guitar bursts? It's the little things like that make me think this is working on a more than hardcore level.

"Things fall apart" consists of that clean, gated guitar again and the vocals on the B-Side are even more agressive, they take all their precision and throw it out the window bending the necks straight off with metal growling, they want to remind you they can get that crazy. Anything can happen, with Hot Snakes style speed and thick harmony, which ends in a repeating locked loop, a creepy lady saying "in the same way" She sounds mean. Bill Bondsmen happened to send an extra copy which means they wanted you, the reader to email me and I will send it to you.

You can pick this up on blood red vinyl over at Inimical Records or Sorry State.

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